The Calling

Not to go all religious on y’all, but yes, let’s do that. It’s spring, after all, the season of renewal and rebirth. And, we just celebrated Easter. It’s such a special holiday, but one that I, unfortunately, generally, fail to truly ponder and reflect on just how significant it is. This year I felt a bit more … reflective, I suppose, for lack of a more creative word. Sometimes, don’t you just feel Him calling you, pulling you near? Don’t fight those feelings. FEEL them. Let Him tug at your heart. And then, just maybe, let yourself feel strong enough to go and do just what you feel led to be doing. Maybe it’s big. Maybe it’s little. Maybe it’s microscopic. It doesn’t matter. It’s in your heart for a reason. FEEL it.

The Calling

Sometimes your heart speaks softly,

Whispering your name, urging quietly,

It calls to you in peaceful slumber,

And in nights dark with mystery,


It seeks you out,

In days full of grace filled moments,

As in days when tears and rain,

Flood the only path home,


You feel it’s pull in soft waves,

When life stills,

And for a brief, yet miraculous second,

You listen,


Sometimes your heart speaks loudly,

Impatient for attention,

A voice from beyond beckons,

Forcing you to hear it’s gentle calling,


Fear finds you in this instance,

Pulling you back,

Towards a familiar place of comfort and ease,

Still … the mystery calls,


Desire takes over,

Running through you,

A deep longing to be filled with a warm, spiritual haze,

And you give in,


The voice in your heart surrounds you,

Covering everything you once knew,

It reveals itself,

A form you always knew was there,


It showers you with love,

Showing you at last, who you really are,

Knowing you fully and completely,

And finally, finally, you listen


And you follow.

6 thoughts on “The Calling

  1. Lori, wonderful! You are like most “believers” or disciples of Jesus, you want to make sure no one is “offended” by your beliefs. It is a strange world we live in but I understand it and feel the pressure of it myself. But The Lord is “that voice” in your heart speaking to you ( the in dwelling Holy Spirit) and calling you “to walk with Him” always if you have given your heart to Him. Do not be ashamed to say it to the world (Romans 1:16).

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